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鰎ren and San〓ders among the ●crowded field's fr○ont-runners &m〓dash; was as●ked early abo◆ut how being 〓mayor of a ●city of 100,000 res○idents qua■lified him for th●e White House.●"I know that 〓from the p◆erspective of Washi●ngton, what goes o●n in my city might ■look small," Buttig○ieg said. "But ◆frankly, w〓here we li○ve, the infi〓ghting on Capit◆ol Hill is what look◆s small."Klobuch○ar argued that sh■e has more experien●ce enacting l◆egislation and ○suggested that● women in politics● are held to a hi〓gher standard."Oth●erwise we could〓 play a ga〓me called ■'Name your favorit◆e woman preside●nt,' which we can'■t do because it● has all been men,○" she said.Ano○ther memorable ○exchange occurred wh●en Biden — w〓ho didn't face any r●eal attack○s from his ■rivals — was ●asked about cur●bing violence again○st women an〓d responde●d awkwardly●."We have to just〓 change the cultu◆re," he said. "And 〓keep punching at it●. And punching○ at it. And pu◆nching at it●."Harris scrapped ●with another lo◆w polling candida○te: Hawaii Re●p. Tulsi Gab●bard, who has criti●cized prominent De●mocrats, incl●uding 2016 no●minee Hillary Clin○ton."I think t◆hat it's unfortunate◆ that we have someon●e on the stag○e who is attempt◆ing to be the◆ Democratic n■ominee for the p◆resident of● the Unite●d States wh●o during the Ob●ama admini◆stration spen〓t four years ful○l time on Fox News● criticizing preside○nt Obama," Harri●s said."I'm not goi○ng to put party in●terests first," Ga●bbard respo■nded.But the discuss○ion kept finding i〓ts way back to Me○dicare for ■All, which has domin●ated the primary &〓mdash; especially f●or Warren. S○he released pl◆ans to raise more th■an 20 tril

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